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Thoughts: Chess, a game. Movement of pieces. Black and white, good and bad. Two Knights.
The white picket fence is an old American dream from the 50s: to own, to have, home sweet home with a white picket fence.










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Definitions are supplied to demystify symbolism (and the artwork in this studio).
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Rain is nourishment for the earth and is known as the water of life. Rain takes many forms and can be anything from a gentle sprinkling and light watering of the earth, up to a torrid downpour and possible flooding; life giving on one hand and potentially death dealing on the other. Rain is a very serious affair, especially wherever water is scarce and/or crops are growing. A wonderful, (surviving) example of this seriousness is the world famous Native American rain dances, created to induce rain. To many city dwellers (or non-farmers) rain is seen as more of an annoyance than anything else. As you can guess, the meaning of the symbol (overall) changes depending on the scarcity and/or need of water/rainfall.

Rain drops can symbolize heaven's tears and the accompanying LIGHTENING can be seen as heaven's anger (for example, thunderbolts were the favored weapon of Zeus, etc.). Rain is a symbol for tears, sorrow, anger, cleansing, renewal, forgiveness and more -- usually on a heavenly, worldly or very large sort of personal scale. This is not a visual symbol for small sorrows or everyday events. Slang terms/phrases: "Don't rain on my parade" (rain as a spoiler of a big event), "Save it for a rainy day" (save something good to brighten up a gloomy day), "rain out" (a postponement or cancellation of an outdoor event because of rain) which leads straight to "rain check" (a promise for remittance at a later date, usually because product or time ran out) and "It's raining cats and dogs" (a very HEAVY downpour). It would probably be a good bet that most of these phrases came from the group of people who see rain as more of an annoyance factor than a life/death matter. The sound of rain, is considered extremely relaxing. Go figure :)
Posted: April 18, 2004.


Shortcut links to the (expert) quotes below:
Vollman: The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols
Biedermann: Dictionary of Symbolism


The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols, p. 361
See Clouds. Longing for deep relaxation. A symbol of fertility. Also, a longing for mental/intellectual inspiration.
Posted: April 17, 2004.

Dictionary of Symbolism, p. 277
The saintly abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) likened rain to the vital energy of the soul, which makes the body flourish and "keeps it from drying out, as the rain moistens the earth. For when the rainfall is moderate and not excessive, the earth brings forth new life. But if it is inordinately heavy, it destroys the earth and drowns new shoots. From the soul there emanate certain forces to vitalize the body, just as rainwater with its moisture vitalizes the earth..." Hildegard also compared tears and rainfall. "The spiritual person is so shaken with fear of the Lord as to break out in tears, just as CLOUDS draw their water from the upper reaches and pour it forth as rain" thus the gift of repentance irrigates, fertilizes the soul, "washing sin away."

In ancient agriculture societies the fertilizing rain was symbolized universally by a comb-like figure, with the horizontal stroke standing for the cloud and the vertical lines coming down from it standing for the rain itself. The ancient Mexican rain god Tlaloc was portrayed with teeth like those of a comb growing out of his upper jaw. The moisture from the sky that made the earth bring forth fruit was frequently represented as a flow of semen from the god of the heavens to "MOTHER Earth."

In Psalm 72 ("of" or "for" Solomon) it is written that the just and peaceful king "shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth" [verse 6].

In ancient China the not infrequent droughts were seen as divine retribution, and bone oracles from the beginning of the historical era seek to respond to the question of when rain would come. It was believed that only the proper union of the feminine principle YIN with the masculine YANG would yield rain. (See YIN AND YANG; RAINBOW.)

Ancient cave paintings reveal that in the civilizations of southeast Africa rain was symbolized by a SNAKE coming down from heaven -- a creature perhaps associated with LIGHTENING as well. In other contexts a gigantic horned snake appears to have stood for rainwater. And in many ancient cosmologies clouds were thought of as reservoirs of rainwater, waiting to be split open by thunderbolts.
April 17, 2004.

Want to know more? Go out and pick up a copy of the book(s) quoted and expand your mind :) These are MY teachers, the people who teach me about symbolism :) I hope the supplied definitions help you understand the art found on this site.

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